What is RcsSetting on Android? [Is it Necessary?]

Several inbuilt apps on android systems are in charge of different services like audio, video, and messaging. Like other functions, the rich communication services (RCS) are powered or supported by the Rcssettings app. 

Rcssetting is an internal (system) app that powers the communication part of our mobile devices, such as multimedia texting, SMS, and other rich info services in this category.

All the internal apps are unique and functional in their respective established protocols, and in case of any error or fault on a system app, the effect will reflect on the services tied to its support.

Why is Rcssetting Necessary?

RcsSetting enables the RCS configurations. Its goal is to substitute SMS texts using a more complicated texting network that can probe the phone directory (for service discovery) and transfer multimedia during calls. It is a component of a larger Internet protocol technology.

With the help of this software, SMS communications will resemble modern specialized chat apps such as FB Messenger, Snapchat, and the rest in terms of appearance and functionality.

Your device t has an established software program called RcsSetting, so it is not advisable to remove it since doing so will impact how frequently you utilize your device. You should seek a suitable alternative if you are specifically experiencing problems with this application rather than attempting to eliminate it.

It is not in our place to advise you to remove it. However, the only method to uninstall this preloaded application is if you possess a device ready with a separate configuration code, making it faster to uninstall.

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How Can RcsSettings Be Enabled in Google Messages?

In an attempt to upgrade the plain, straightforward texting layout with a rich-looking GUI, Google unveiled RCS Messaging functionality in 2019. However, the options are not turned on by default. This is how to make Google Messaging support RCS texting.

  • Access Google messaging’ configuration.
  • Access the chat options.
  • Switch the messaging feature’s on/off switch.

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Rcssetting: Is it a Safe System App or Malware?

The Samsung-developed software application RcsSettings requires only the bare minimum level of system permissions. The application’s main purpose is to give users an excellent texting session, according to the malware or harmful code on the software.

The answer is that RcsSettings is secure and free of viruses, infections, or keyloggers.

Since RcsSetting is regarded as an established application, malware cannot exist. If you are experiencing problems with it, you should investigate potential mobile flaws thoroughly. This is a helpful app; however, it can experience errors similar to other initially installed programs.

The recommended course of action is first to Reset the inbuilt software configurations, if that option is enabled, to resolve various problems or difficulties with the RcsSetting. Restoring your smartphone to factory settings is another viable option, but you must first save your crucial data in a backup before doing this.

Does RcsSetting Consume so much Power?

RcsSettings and similar device applications continue to function in the backdrop to maintain the necessary functions. There is no proof that RcsSettings significantly increases power use.

By going to Settings and searching for the application using the maximum power on the phone, you can easily check the power usage on your Android.

This might be one of the mistakes we already mentioned. You can experience some odd battery usage because of this program. Please proceed in the same manner as before if you do. Remember to make a backup before removing or replacing your equipment.

RCS not functioning in Samsung Messages

The advanced texting service RCS Chatting allows you to communicate or start a community conversation with the communication software much like other messaging software (telegram, Twitter, etc.)

The recipient and author devices should both have RCSSettings enabled to utilize this sophisticated messaging function, and the phone must also connect to the internet through cellular data or broadband.

These are the steps that may take to resolve the issue if you discover that your phone’s RCSsetttings are still not functioning and you are unable to receive sophisticated texts:

  • Solving Samsung Messaging’s RCS issue
  • Restart RCS after disabling it.
  • Remove information from Samsung Sms and mobile service.
  • Restore network configuration
  • Delete the Carrier providers’ modifications
  • Use Google Messaging instead


Samsung created the RcsSettings program for Android smartphones to give monotonous conventional messaging displays a rich appearance. The software didn’t have any viruses or harmful programs and merely needed authorization from the phone.

Like most system applications, RcsSettings cannot be removed from the device.

If you would like to know more about RcsSetting, hit the comment section and let us hear from you.

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