How to Recover Data After Factory Reset Android Without Backup [3 Ways]

If your phone continues to malfunction or behave in a way that you cannot control, a factory reset can bring a solution, but you should consider backing it up first. 

Backing up your photos, contacts or other files on a cloud or external storage is undoubtedly easier to retrieve after doing a reset. 

But, if the device you are about resetting fell into the water or suddenly went off without notice, how can you recover data after a factory reset without backup?

By linking a third-party tool like Tenorshare, EaseUS, iMyFone or similar apps to your phone, you can return all the data you lose during a reset without backing up. After downloading and installing, activate the app by allowing it to access and control certain features in your phone. That is how you will be able to filter everything that you need to restore.

You can choose a location where you want those recovered documents to return or you can leave them to return to the old folder.

The filters will help you to select between the ones you need and the ones you are not interested in anymore. However, following the instructions and guidelines listed in the manual can guarantee a successful recovery.

Considering using free and cheap tools, I will recommend a few here that are effective in restoring all erased files after a reset without backup.

How to Recover Android Phone Data Without Backup After Factory reset

Recover Data After Factory Reset Android Without Backup

If you are in this category ad would like to have all your files back on your android device, these three tools can be helpful. Go through the descriptions and make your choice. However, all the mentions are effective in their own unique ways.

Yes! All of them are good in their own ways but for sure, you can have all your stuff back even without backup.

There are various tools spread across for this same purpose. Jumping on anyone without proper review could be risky, do before choosing any ensure that you read some reviews on how they work. 

These three here are a result of careful research. However, that should not stop you from making further confirmations before making a premium subscription.

1. iMyFone D-Back Recovery tool – $(30.02 – 50.05)

iMyFone D-Back to Recover Android Phone Data Without Backup

Most of these recovery tools allow you to restore almost all kinds of data such as both WhatsApp and text messages, contacts lists, pics, audio and video files, etc. However, some of them like the droidkit can only work for one brand of phone, Samsung.

But, imyphone is compatible with over six thousand android phones and can also restore almost any kind of file for you. So, regardless of the brand of your smartphone, this tool will function properly.

More often, it is not difficult to use. In a normal situation where your internet connection is good, you can run the installation and the actual process in just a few minutes. 

The pricing is in the order of 30.02, 40.02, and 50.05 dolls for one month, one year and a lifetime respectively. Look out for a promo to buy at a discount rate.

2. Tenorshare UltData – $(36.04 – 50.01)

Tenorshare UltData  to Recover Android Phone Data Without Backup

Here is another one that is compatible with almost all android products. After installation, the few steps to get your files back are, linking, scanning and restoration. That is all, simple!

Tenorshare recovery tool has been rated as one of the top most effective tools for restoring lost files. It has been proven to recover files from damaged devices or even the ones affected by water, so, it does not require a pre-backup for a successful recovery.

The pricing is in the order of 36.04, 40.00 and 50.01  for one month, one year and a lifetime respectively.  Look out for a promo to buy at a discount rate.

3. EaseUS MobiSaver – Free

EaseUS is one of the best free tools that are available for this work. Moreover, it is not a mono-compatible tool but works with almost all brands. After connecting the software to your device, it will allow you to run everything in a few minutes and have all your stuff back. 

It is completely free and reliable. Instead of subscribing for the same result, why not test this free tool and save your buck for something else?

If this is your first trial, I will recommend you use this tool and if you are not satisfied, you can subscribe to other ones. It is very easy to understand and set up. In three steps you can have all your lost files restored.


Restoring data after a phone reset without properly saving them elsewhere might sound weird to hear. But, it is achievable and with these tools, you can equally have all your files as if they were backed up.

This has not in any way discouraged you from backing up your files even when you are not thinking about resetting your device. But, it is just an option in case you failed to.

Backing up your stuff all the time remains the best and most effective free way of recovering all your erased files after a reset.

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