How to Reset Android Phone When Locked Out

The only solution after being locked out of an android phone without remembering the password is to reset it. 

If you have suggested details that should unlock it, yet, it doesn’t work; there is hope in this post.

Besides resetting or drawing the correct pattern, does android provide more options to regain access in situations like this?

Unfortunately, nope. Only by these means can you get to use your apps again.

However, if it allows the usage of PINs, you can find your way around the emergency call option and key it in for confirmation.

Before returning to the company’s default set up, there is basic info that you will have to provide to prove ownership.

See how to do it in the next section.

How To Re set Android Phone When Locked Out

How to Reset Android Phone When Locked Out

To achieve this, the recovery mode can be helpful, so that is what we are about to use. 

However, non of your data will be l; you will lose them all. So, it is advisable to save them somewhere, transfer or do whatever you can to save your previous files.

  • The first thing is to put off the power
  • Long press the power key together with the upper volume key
  • After that, the recovery mode will appear
  • Now, you can use the side volume keys to control it
  • Touch  it to complete the process

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How To Unlock Android Phone Pass-word Without factory-reset

Sometimes it happens that we forget our login details or even passwords. 

There is no need to blame yourself. The way forward is to look for how you can regain access to your phone.

There are different ways you can do this.

Missing your access is even better than losing it. Some lost theirs even when it was locked and whoever picked it will still find a way to open it.

If you want to do this without returning it to the initial settings, you may discover that it is nearly impossible. However, with these tools you can achieve it:

  • The  removal tool
  • The Google find my device tool
  • Using a G-mail account to restore the tool
  • The ADB tool

This guide will help you to be on the right track if you are weary of those tools and would not mind restoring your settings to unlock it.

It is very simple but useful in situations like this. 

  • Enter your Emergency Call mode using the power and volume keys
  • Key in this code, *#7380#, and dial with the send sign to open up the Service Menu.
  • Look for the option that is about what you want to do
  • From all the drop list of available resetting options, choose the best related
  • Finally, confirm it to wipe off everything and restore it back to the initial state when you bought it.

Un-lock Your Phone When You For got The Password

There are various ways and tools that you can use to regain access after losing, or forgetting your password. We have already mentioned some tools above.

Here, we want to list the easy ways you can do it without downloading any tool or having to pay for it.

It may cost you a few dollars if you want to use the service of an engineer and it is what you can do in a few steps. So, why not try it out first, if it is not successful, you can step out to find an engineer to help you.

See the below easy ways how you open it after this experience.

  • First, if you have an active linked G-account before, you can enter your info on the login screen to it have it back. 
  • If that is not ok, make use of the “Find My Device” option to re set it
  • Finally, if all else fails, you can try out the almighty reset. However, bear in mind that this method will erase everything.

Reset phon if you Forgot Pasword an Google Account

After losing your access, you might have thought about using your G-account, but it turned out that you did not link it or something happened and it was disconnected.

Now, you are wondering how you can regain access to your phone.

There is nothing you can do but return it to the original settings by using some of your side buttons to perform it.

The only bad side of this method is losing all your files and probably important info.

See a simple guide below on how to achieve this:

  • Ensure that it is off
  • Find the button of powering and long press it together with the upper volume button
  • After that, the recover mode will appear
  • Now, you can use the side volume buttons to control everything
  • Tap on it to complete the process

A PC can also be useful. If you’d like to try it, here is a quick guide

  • Search for through your browser
  • Key in Android-Device-Manager and follow the best link that describes the keyword
  • Using your linked account, sign in and continue
  • Enter a new PIN or pass-word

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