Does Factory Reset Delete Photos From my Phone?

Going through our photos brings back the memory of everything that happened during that time. While some can restore hope, love, and peace, on the other hand, some can bring tears and sadness. However, there are many photos you would not want to lose. So, while contemplating resetting, you may want to know if a factory reset can delete photos from your phone.

Regardless of any phone, a factory reset can remove all the photos and also delete every other file to restore back the original settings. So, the only way you can protect your pictures during a phone reset is to back them up, save them on cloud storage like google drive, or transfer all your pictures and other files to an external drive.

Moreso, one thing you should not do is to ensure that you do not carry out a reset while you are in a hurry because, in such situations, you may forget about some important files that you needed to protect. Failing to protect your files probably due to no pre-plan can birth an experience you never wanted to have.

While researching, there are some important things that I discovered that you should consider whenever you want to do the almighty reset. I am sharing them in the sections below.

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Does Factory Reset Delete Photos From My Phone?

Does Factory Reset Delete Photos From my Phone

Of course, yes. It will delete pictures on both Android and iPhones.

Before you make your final decision, learn about how your phone will react after the restoration.

‘Default’ is a similar and the most alternative word to use for this description.

So, like every other default setting, mode or anything would behave, a factory reset is like returning to the phone’s original mode. If you do it, everything that was not on when you bought it including all the filters for default apps will be restored to the company’s settings.

Also, all the subfolders including your gallery will become empty or just as it was when you acquired it. Downloaded, transferred and even the photos you snapped with a camera will vanish.

Nothing will be left except the follow come apps, ringing tones, and other settings.

Other Files To Lost

Besides pictures and other items in the gallery, there are many other files that will not survive after the almighty reset. Regardless of the type, there is nothing you can do to stop them from deleting.

Music, video, and document files will be wiped off and you may not be able to restore them if you forgot to transfer or save them elsewhere. These files are in the same category as photos and just like it is easy to transfer pictures, you can easily transfer them to external storage before resetting your phone.

Another thing you should take note of is your apps. Except for the ones that accompanied the phone, other apps you later installed will not remain after formatting. So, it would be helpful if you write down the important ones and redownload them when you are done.

Due to the loss of some important files, many are afraid of attempting formatting even when it is necessary. However, there are issues that will leave you without an option, but to reset your phone.

I will mention a few reasons that can make you consider using this feature.

Why You May Need A Phone Reset

Everyone loves their device to be fast and responsive. In a situation where your phone begins to hang or becomes dull and not interesting to use, a factory reset may be the solution. This is because it will wipe off everything and return it to be like when it was new. Most times, resetting is always effective especially when faced with issues like hanging or not being responsive.

Besides, if you want to give out or auction your phone, it would be best if you remove all your files before someone will have access to your private documents. To achieve this without leaving anyone behind, formatting your phone can be very effective since it is going to restore it back to factory mode.

Another reason can be due to phones being locked out. If you have been locked out and you are unable to enter the correct password, resetting can help you to regain access to your phone.

Common Methods

There is no specific method of returning your phone to the initial setup since it differs by made. However, this feature can always be found in the settings app. So, whenever there is a need for this feature, open the app and scroll until you find what you want. You can check out the Quick Steps To Factory Reset Your Phone Without Sim Card.

Apart from using the settings app, some brands have different keys that you can use in cases of a forgotten password or inability to switch on.

Another method is by using software on a laptop to synchronize with the phone to allow you access to all the features and functions. Then, you can be able to format it.

Safety Measures 

Regarding the files and everything you would not like to lose, there are different ways you can use to secure and keep them safe. For example, using an external drive, cloud storage or even transferring to a friend’s phone.

Besides files like photos, videos, music, and documents, there are some contacts you might have saved to the phone’s memory. If you decide to restore the factory settings, all those contacts will be erased and you will have to start finding them again. So, to avoid that, ensure that you copy out all your contacts or if possible transfer them to your Google account.

While you are concerned about saving your pictures during a factory reset, do not forget about other important files that can cost you a lot to recover if you lose them.

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