View My Block list on Facebook 2024 – How to Unblock Someone on Facebook

Facebook and other social networking sites have become a crucial part of our lives, allowing us to connect with friends, family, and even strangers. On Facebook, you may occasionally need to block someone for a variety of reasons. Conflicts, privacy issues, or just the need for a break from someone’s writings could be the reason. What transpires, though, if you later decide to unblock that person? This post will cover how to access your Facebook block list in 2024 as well as how to unblock someone.

Understanding Facebook blocking

When you block someone on Facebook, they are no longer able to view your profile, add you as a friend, or message you through Messenger. They won’t also be able to tag you in posts or view your comments on posts made by friends of yours. Blocking is a helpful tool for managing your online interactions and protecting your privacy.

How to Check Your Facebook Block List in 2024

It’s critical to keep up with changes to Facebook’s user interface and settings, including how to access your block list. Here’s how to view your block list as of 2024:

  • Access Facebook: 

Go to the Facebook website ( on a computer or open the Facebook app on a mobile device. To access your account, enter your login information.

  • Access Settings:

On the Facebook app, press the three horizontal lines (the menu icon) in the bottom right corner to access the settings. In the upper right corner of the website, click the downward-pointing arrow and choose “Settings & Privacy,” then “Settings.”

  • Navigate to Blocking:

To access Blocking, scroll down in the app and select “Settings & Privacy,” then “Settings.” You are now on the “General Account Settings” page of the website. Observe the left-hand column and select “Blocking.”

  • Look at Your Block List: 

There is a section on the “Blocking” page titled “Block users.” All of the Facebook users you’ve blocked are listed here.

  • Unblock Someone:

Locate the person’s name in the list and click “Unblock” next to their name to remove the block. Your choice will be confirmed by Facebook, and the user will then be unblocked.

  • Confirm Unblock: 

After you confirm the unblock, the individual will be taken off your list of people you’ve blocked and be able to communicate with you once more on Facebook.

Reasons to unblock someone

On Facebook, people unblock others for a variety of reasons. Here are a few typical situations:

  • Reconciliation: 

If you had a disagreement with someone and have now worked it out, you can decide to remove the barrier so that you can get back in touch.

  • Changed Circumstances: 

Over time, a person’s motives for blocking somebody may change. You might decide that keeping them blocked is no longer required.

  • Accidental Blocking: 

Accidentally blocking someone is a typical occurrence. In certain circumstances, unblocking them allows you to reconnect.

  • Privacy Settings: 

You might have initially blocked someone out of concern for your privacy before changing your mind.


You can manage your online interactions by banning and unblocking people on Facebook using simple steps. You may quickly see your block list and unblock someone when necessary by following the above-described steps. Remember that social relations can shift, and it’s a good idea to periodically review your online contacts. Keep up with the most recent changes to Facebook’s settings so you can properly manage your block list in 2024.

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