Unlocking Facebook Dating: How to Restore FB Dating App After Hiding It

Connecting with potential partners through Facebook Dating has grown to be a popular medium. But occasionally you might wish to take a break or briefly hide your dating profile. This tutorial will bring you through the procedures to reinstate Facebook Dating after hiding it, whether you’ve found love or simply need to take a break from dating.

Why Would You Want to Hide Facebook Dating?

Let’s briefly review the reasons why someone would decide to hide their Facebook Dating profile before moving on to the restoration procedure. There could be several causes:

  • Met Someone Special: 

You might have found someone special through Facebook Dating, and since things are going so well, you want to concentrate only on that relationship.

  • Taking a Break: 

You could need a break from dating, just as with any dating site. You can temporarily step back without losing your connections or data by temporarily hiding your profile.

  • Privacy Concerns: 

Because of privacy issues, you might wish to keep a low profile on Facebook or decide to hide your dating page.

After Hiding It, How to Restore Facebook Dating

The procedure of restoring your Facebook Dating profile is simple. Take these actions:

  • Open the Facebook App

Make sure the Facebook app is set up on your smartphone. If not, you can download it from the app store on your smartphone.

  • Log In

If you aren’t already logged in, launch the Facebook app and log in with your login information.

  • Navigate to Your Profile

In the bottom right corner of the program, tap the menu symbol, which resembles three horizontal lines. The navigation menu will then be displayed.

  • Access Facebook Dating

In the navigation menu, scroll down until you see “Dating.” To access the Facebook Dating feature, tap on it.

  • Restore Your Dating Profile

You’ll notice a prompt asking if you want to restore your dating profile once you’re in the Facebook Dating section. Click or tap “Restore Now.”

  • Confirm Your Choice

You will be prompted by Facebook to confirm your decision to reinstate your dating profile. To confirm, tap “Restore Now” once again.

  • Customize Your Profile

You can edit your dating profile as necessary after confirmation. Update any information you want to modify, including your preferences and images.

  • Start Matching Again

Congratulations! You can now start matching with possible partners because your Facebook Dating profile has been restored.


When you want to take a break or concentrate on a potential connection, hiding your Facebook Dating profile is a useful function. It may be easily restored, allowing you to resume looking for suitable partners whenever you’re ready. Facebook Dating gives you the freedom you require for your dating experience, whether you’re taking a little break or revising your dating preferences.

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