Prices of top 4 Samsung’s latest phones in Nigeria

Samsung is a well-known and highly regarded company in the realm of smartphones, and its products are well-liked in Nigeria. You should know your alternatives and the prices of new Samsung phones in Nigeria if you are in the market for one.

The most recent Samsung phones and their costs in Nigeria will be examined in this article. We’ll discuss a variety of phones at various price points so you can select one that suits your requirements and spending limit. We have discussed your options: a low-cost smartphone or a high-end flagship model.

It is important to note that location, demand, and availability might affect the cost of Samsung phones in Nigeria. Before making a purchase, shopping around and comparing prices is usually a good idea.

Let’s examine the newest Samsung phones and their costs in Nigeria without further ado!

Overview of the newest phones from Samsung

Samsung offers a wide selection of phones, from entry-level phones to premium flagship models. Here is a summary of some of Samsung’s most recent smartphones:

  • S21 Galaxy Samsung

The most recent phone in Samsung’s prestigious S series is the Galaxy S21. It has a sophisticated appearance, a sharp display, and strong performance. There are three sizes available: S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra.

  • A52 Samsung Galaxy

A mid-range phone with an excellent blend of features and price is the Samsung Galaxy A52. It has a big display, a powerful battery, and a reliable camera setup. Black, blue, and white are the three hues that are offered.

  • Flip Samsung Galaxy Z

With a screen flip, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip’s foldable design transforms from a conventional smartphone to a small device. It has a sleek design, a long-lasting battery, and a high-resolution display. Black and purple are the two hues that are offered.

  • Galaxy M12 from Samsung

A low-cost smartphone with good performance and features is the Samsung Galaxy M12. It has a big display, a powerful battery, and a reliable camera setup. Black, blue, and white are the three hues that are offered.

From consumers on a tight budget to fans of high-end smartphones, Samsung has a wide selection of phones to match their demands.

Nigerian costs for Samsung’s newest smartphones

Depending on the model, storage size, and color you select, the cost of the newest Samsung phones in Nigeria can change. Here are some of the latest Samsung phones’ starting costs in Nigeria:

  • Starting at about 240,000 NGN, the Samsung Galaxy S21
  • Pricing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 begins at about 195,000 NGN.
  • Starting at roughly 95,000 NGN, the Samsung Galaxy A52
  • Starting at about 70,000 NGN, the Samsung Galaxy A32

Remember that these costs could change based on the merchant and the particular features of the phone.

The Galaxy S21, for instance, has three storage capacities: 128GB, 256GB, and 512 GB. For greater storage capabilities, the price might be higher.

The Galaxy A52 also offers 4GB and 6GB RAM choices, which can also impact price.

When comparing pricing to other smartphones in Nigeria, it is critical to consider the phone’s features and characteristics.

Samsung’s most recent phones cost more than certain low-cost alternatives, but they also have greater performance and more sophisticated features.

If you are trying to decide which Samsung phone is best for you, consider your needs and spending limit.

Where to buy the newest Samsung phones in Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are a few places where you can get the newest Samsung phones:

  • Shops

You can find the newest phones and accessories in Nigeria from Samsung’s network of shops. Samsung phones are sold at other electrical stores like Best Buy and Walmart.

  • Online markets

You can purchase Samsung’s most recent smartphones in Nigeria on several online markets, including Jumia, Konga, and Yudala. These online stores provide a practical approach to shopping and comparing costs from many vendors.

  • Phone companies

Several Nigerian phones, including MTN, Glo, and Airtel, include the newest Samsung phones in their plans.

The carrier’s website or a physical location lets you buy a phone and sign up for a plan.

Check prices and reviews before purchasing a Samsung phone in Nigeria to get the best bargain.

Exercise caution when making an internet purchase since scams or bogus products can be marketed. To ensure a quality product and a safe and secure transaction, it is also a good idea to buy from a recognized merchant or phone carrier.


Samsung is a well-known smartphone brand in Nigeria, offering a range of models at various pricing points.

Depending on the model, storage size, and color you select, the cost of the newest Samsung phones in Nigeria can change.

The Galaxy S21, the Galaxy Note 20, the Galaxy A52, and the Galaxy A32 are some of Samsung’s most recent smartphones, with beginning costs in Nigeria that range from about 240,000 NGN to 195,000 NGN (starting at around 70,000 NGN).

Retail outlets, internet markets, and phone carriers are a few venues in Nigeria where customers can buy the newest Samsung phones.

Compare prices and read reviews before buying a Samsung phone to get the best bargain and guarantee a high-quality item.

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