Messenger App – Do blocked messages get delivered?

Users have been curious for years about what happens to messages sent to blocked contacts in the instant messaging world. Whenever you use messaging software, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or another one, you will inevitably come across the topic of whether or not blocked messages are transmitted.

Understanding Message Blocking

In essence, communication with someone on a chat app is stopped when you block them. This implies that they are unable to access your changes, send you new messages, or check your online status. What happens to texts transmitted before to the block is yet unknown, though.

What Happens to Blocked Messages?

1. Invisible Delivery

It’s possible that messages that have been blocked be transmitted but are not visible to the recipient. In this case, it appears that although the messages are transmitted in theory, the person who started the block is not informed or made aware that a message has arrived.

2. Undelivered and Unseen

Conversely, some contend that barring someone stops communications from ever reaching them. In this instance, the sender might not be informed of the recipient’s block and instead receive a notification indicating that the message was unsuccessfully sent.

3. Hidden Message Requests

Features like “message requests” and “filtered messages” are available in certain IM programs. In some situations, banned messages may end up in a different queue or folder, hidden from the recipient’s view unless they actively search for them.

4. Platform Variations

It’s crucial to remember that various IM applications can manage blocked messages in different ways. It can be more difficult to determine what happens to prohibited messages when they are blocked on WhatsApp than it is on Facebook Messenger or other platforms.


The complexities of the messenger app’s features still baffle users, and it’s unclear what will happen to prohibited communications. The mystery lends a sense of interest to digital communication, regardless of whether messages are transmitted invisibly, wind up in a hidden folder, or are simply not delivered at all.

As users, we must carefully strike a balance between communication and privacy when navigating the digital world. The path of your messages may be more enigmatic than you imagine the next time you choose to block someone. In the realm of instant messaging, the question of blocked messages will remain a mystery until messenger app developers offer concrete insights into this occurrence.

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