Marketplace cars for sale by owner- Your Guide to Finding Listed Cars on FB Marketplace from Real Owners

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re searching for a fantastic deal on new wheels. Cars are no different from other products people buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace. We’ll walk you through using Facebook Marketplace to locate automobiles for sale by owner in this guide. Regardless of your level of experience purchasing a car, this guide will assist you in locating the ideal vehicle from actual owners so you can drive with assurance.

The Appeal of Cars for Sale by Owner

Direct car purchases from the owner come with a number of benefits. First and foremost, when compared to buying from a dealership, you frequently obtain a better value. Car owners on Facebook Marketplace frequently offer reasonable pricing, and haggling is frequently allowed.

Second, you can learn about the car’s history directly from the owner by interacting with them. You can speak with the individual who has been driving the car directly about maintenance, collisions, and general conditions. In order to make an informed choice, this transparency can be really beneficial.

Finding Cars for Sale by Owner on Facebook Marketplace

  • Access Facebook Marketplace

Open the Facebook app or go to the Facebook website to start your search for an owner-owned vehicle. “Marketplace” is located in the menu on the left. Give it a click.

  • Choose “Vehicles”

Within Facebook Marketplace, you’ll see various categories. Click on “Vehicles.”

  • Select “Cars & Trucks”

In the “Vehicles” section, click on “Cars & Trucks.” This will refine your search specifically for automobiles.

  • Refine Your Search

You can now refine your search by using filters. Filters include make and model, year, mileage, location, price range, and more. Under the “Seller Type” option, you can choose “For Sale by Owner” if you’re specifically interested in cars that are for sale by the owner.

  • Browse Listings

You’ll get a list of automobiles up for sale by owners after you’ve applied your filters. Usually, a listing includes pictures, a short description, the price, and the seller’s location.

  • Contact the Owner

It’s time to get in touch with the owner of a listing that grabs your attention. To examine further information, click the listing. After that, you can message the owner to ask more questions, arrange a test drive, or bargain over the price.

Tips for a Successful Purchase

  • Do Your Research: 

Before contacting a seller, research the make and model you’re interested in. Check for common issues, pricing, and reviews. This will help you ask the right questions and negotiate effectively.

  • Ask for Documentation: 

Request maintenance records and the vehicle’s history report. This can reveal important details about the car’s condition.

  • Meet in Person: 

Always meet the owner and see the car before finalizing the deal. Take it for a test drive and have a trusted mechanic inspect it if possible.

  • Negotiate Reasonably: 

While there’s often room for negotiation, be fair and reasonable in your offers. A respectful approach can help you secure a better deal.

  • Stay Safe: 

When meeting with the owner, choose a public location and bring a friend or family member along for safety.

  • Be Patient: 

Finding the right car may take time. Don’t rush into a purchase; wait for the perfect vehicle that meets your needs and budget.


Finding automobiles for sale by owners is made easy and affordable with Facebook Marketplace. You may easily explore the platform and get a great bargain on your next pair of wheels by following the instructions in this guide and paying attention to the advice for a successful purchase. Thanks to Facebook Marketplace, you can now begin your search, and network with auto owners, and soon you may be driving off in your brand-new vehicle.

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