Top 13 Infinix Phones With Side Fingerprint in Nigeria 2022

A fingerprint (side or back) is the easiest way to unlock your phone. However, although it has become one of a modern-day mobile device’s most important smart features, you can choose whether to use it.

To further simplify it, many phones, including Infinix, now have it by the side just after the side lock button making it different from the previous back position. Turning fingers to the back was a little stressful, but the side fingerprint makes it easier to unlock with the thumb while holding the phone, and most times, no one will notice.

Infinix has been a top brand in the Nigerian phone market, and they have maintained a good reputation through the years. One thing is that Infinix keeps updating new features on its product, and when the side fingerprint technology came, they were among the first phones to have it in Nigeria.

While side fingerprint has become a norm on so many phones, there is a need to check out for the best. We list Nigeria’s top thirteen Infinix phones with side fingerprints in 2022.

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Top 13 Infinix phones with side fingerprint in Nigeria 2022

Infinix Phones With Side Fingerprint in Nigeria

If you plan to buy a phone with a side fingerprint in Nigeria, you can consider buying Infinix. Besides other unique features like battery life, camera, speed, huge storage space, etc, Infinix phones come with a side fingerprint built with the latest technology to make it easier to unlock your phones.

You can choose from any of these five. They are among the best so far.

  1. Note12 Pro 5G
  2. Note10 Pro
  3. Note11s
  4. Note12
  5. Note12 Pro
  6. Hot12
  7. Zero8i
  8. Zero20
  9. Note12i
  10. Ote12 turbo
  11. Note11
  12. Note12 5g
  13. Note12 pro 4g

When can you use your Fingerprint to lock your phone?

If you want to set up your security, there are options like pin, pattern, password, facial lock, or fingerprint. All of them are good, and you can use more than one. However, some of them like the fingerprint, are more reliable than others. 

There is no duplicated print, so it could be impossible to unlock and access your device if you choose it for your security. Someone can memorize your pin or even predict your pattern but all of these are impossible with print.

So, if you are looking for the best way to lock your phone so you cannot break through without your consent, the fingerprint is the answer. 

However, if you leave your phone while sleeping, someone can use your finger to open it and get your info without your idea. So, ensure you save your phone in a private place before sleeping.

Now, we want to examine this feature’s pros and cons.

Pros of using your Fingerprint for security

The most important thing about fingerprints is their uniqueness and the inability of someone else to use them in your absence. If you use other methods like patterns or passwords, you can risk exposing them to the public.

Another thing is that it is the easiest way to lock and unlock your phone. You cannot spend up to five seconds while locking or unlocking with a fingerprint. But, it is not the same with others like pin code which you have to type, and there could be a mistake in the process which means you have to retype.

Moreover, you do not have to worry about memorizing your passcodes or pattern because your finger does the work and is readily available. So, it helps to lessen your lock and unlock time.

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