How to get back to the Facebook dating app with a new phone

Facebook Dating has grown in popularity as a venue for singles to meet and socialize in this era of digital connections. However, you might be wondering how to return to the Facebook Dating app with all of your prior matches and discussions intact if you recently upgraded your phone or obtained a new one. We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. This manual will help you through the process of transferring your dating profile and data without any interruption to your new device.

  • Backup Your Old Device

It’s crucial to back up your old phone before switching to your new one. This makes sure that none of your crucial information, including Facebook Dating data, is misplaced during the process. Through cloud services like iCloud for iOS or Google Drive for Android, you may back up your old smartphone.

  • Install Facebook and Facebook Dating on Your New Phone

Go to the app store on your new smartphone (the App Store for iOS or the Google Play Store for Android) and type in “Facebook” and “Facebook Dating.” Download and set up both applications.

  • Log in to Your Facebook Account

Use the same login information you used on your previous device to launch the Facebook app and sign in. This is necessary to make sure that Facebook Dating and all of your other data are synchronized to your new phone.

  • Access Facebook Dating

Tap on the three horizontal lines in the lower-right corner of the screen after logging into Facebook to access the menu. Track down “Dating” by scrolling down. To access Facebook Dating, tap on it.

  • Restore Your Dating Profile

A prompt to restore your Facebook Dating profile will appear. This step is essential for transferring your discussions, matches, and dating history. To finish the restoration process, adhere to the on-screen directions.

  • Review Your Settings

Review your Facebook Dating settings for a moment. Make sure your settings for distance, age range, and dating interests are accurate. To make your dating experience more personalized, you can change these settings.

  • Start Matching and Chatting

You may now begin swiping, matching, and chatting with potential matches after successfully transferring your Facebook Dating profile to your new device. To get the most out of your dating experience, always remember to be authentic and have meaningful interactions.

  • Secure Your Account

Enable two-factor authentication on your Facebook account to safeguard your personal data and dating profile. This increases the security of your account further.


Your Facebook Dating relationships won’t be lost when you switch to a new phone. You can return to the Facebook Dating app with your dating profile and history intact by following these instructions. So feel free to use your new smartphone to explore and enjoy the world of online dating. Happy sexting!

In this guide, we’ve outlined the steps to help you smoothly transition to your new device while retaining all your Facebook Dating data. Whether you’re swiping right for the first time or reconnecting with previous matches, these steps ensure a hassle-free experience. So, go ahead and make the most of your Facebook Dating journey with your new phone.

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