Facebook Dating: How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating

Making deep connections is the aim of online dating, but occasionally it’s important to politely end a chat with someone who might not be a good fit. This blog post will walk singles through the Facebook Dating unmatching process, answering frequently asked questions and providing details on the procedures for a more seamless online dating experience.

How to Unmatch on Facebook Dating: A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Open the Facebook Dating Tab: Start by opening the Facebook app on your mobile device. Navigate to the Facebook Dating tab, typically found in the app’s menu.

2. Access Conversations: Once in the Facebook Dating tab, go to the conversations section where you can see your ongoing chats with matches.

3. Select the Match to Unmatch: Identify the match you wish to unmatch. Click on the conversation with that match to open the chat window.

4. Open Options Menu: Within the chat window, look for the options menu. It is usually represented by three dots or lines, depending on your device. Click on this menu to reveal a list of actions.

5. Choose Unmatch: Among the list of actions, you will find the option to “Unmatch” or a similar term. Click on this option to initiate the unmatching process.

6. Confirm Unmatching: Facebook will typically ask for confirmation before proceeding with unmatching. Confirm your decision and the match will be unmatched. This action is irreversible, so proceed with caution.

Addressing “People Also Asked” Questions:

Q1: “Can I Unblock Someone I Unmatched on Facebook Dating?”

Ans: No, unmatching is a permanent action on Facebook Dating, and once a match is unmatched, you cannot undo this action. If you wish to reconnect with someone, you would need to come across their profile again and initiate a new match.

Q2: “Will the Person Know If I Unmatch Them?”

Ans: Yes, Facebook Dating does notify the other person when you unmatch with them. This notification is typically discreet, informing them that the match has ended.

Q3: “Is Unmatching the Only Way to End a Conversation on Facebook Dating?”

Ans: Unmatching is one way to end a conversation, but you can also choose to simply stop responding to the chat. However, if you want to ensure a clear and final conclusion to the interaction, unmatching is the more definitive option.

Q4: “Can I Report Someone While Unmatching on Facebook Dating?”

A: Yes, Facebook Dating allows you to report someone if you encounter inappropriate behavior or suspect a violation of the platform’s policies. You can usually find the option to report within the same menu where you initiate unmatching.


In the dynamic world of online dating, it’s essential to have tools to navigate connections with respect and consideration. Unmatching on Facebook Dating provides a way to gracefully conclude interactions that may not align with your dating preferences. By understanding the steps involved and being aware of the platform’s features, singles can curate their digital dating experience to meet their expectations and preferences.

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