Does Latest Huawei have Google Services?

Because of a trade embargo by the US government, Huawei phones no longer ship with Google services pre-installed as of 2021. As a result, Huawei phones cannot access G tools, including Gmail, G Play, and Maps.

However, getting the APK files for these apps and installing them directly on Huawei phones from outside app stores is still feasible. By manually installing the required files on their phones after rooting them, some users claim to have also been able to install Google tools.

It is vital to remember that installing G services on a Huawei phone could not be permitted in all nations and could violate the phone’s warranty. With these tools installed, the phone could not perform at its best as they were not created to work with Huawei’s operating system.

You want to use Google tools and are debating buying a Huawei phone. In such a scenario, it could be worthwhile to inquire with the manufacturer or store to see whether they offer any formal choices for setting up these services.

The history of Google services on Huawei phones

Regarding G tools on Huawei phones, Huawei and Google have had a challenging relationship.

In the past, Huawei phones, like the majority of Android phones, had G services pre-installed. This includes accessing well-known applications like G Maps, Gmail, and the Google Play Store.

The Entity List, a list of foreign businesses barred from doing business with American businesses, was created by the US government in May 2019 and included Huawei. Due to this trade embargo, it could not continue providing its services to Huawei.

After May 2019, Google tools were not pre-installed on any new Huawei smartphones. While installing these services on older Huawei phones was still feasible, it became more challenging to do so on more recent phones.

Huawei and G have still collaborated on several projects despite the trade embargo. Huawei may continue to use Google’s exclusive apps and tools thanks to a licensing arrangement the two businesses struck in December 2020.

The apps and tools that will eventually be accessible on Huawei phones are still being determined, so it is vital to remember that this agreement only applies to some of Google’s offerings.

Options for using Google services on Huawei phones

There are a couple of choices accessible to you if you have a Huawei phone and wish to use G services:

Use a third-party app store: Many app stores, such as the Aptoide App Store and the APKPure App Store, offer Google apps and tools. Even though these shops are not associated with G, you might find some of the programs you are looking for there.

It is vital to exercise caution when utilizing third-party app stores because they could not be as dependable as the official Google Play Store and might contain potentially hazardous programs.

  • Download APK files.

Another choice is manually installing G apps on your Huawei phone by downloading their APK files. The installation files for Android apps are called APK files, and you can frequently find them on websites where you may download Android apps.

Once more, obtaining APK files from untrusted sites should be done cautiously as they might not be secure to install.

  • Root your phone

Gaining access to your phone’s root system through “rooting” enables you to change the operating system and install apps that aren’t typically supported.

While rooting your phone might let you add Google tools, it may also void your warranty and impact how well your phone performs. Before trying to root your phone, it is crucial to do your research.

It is crucial to remember that certain choices might not be permitted in all nations and might violate the warranty on your phone.

Furthermore, as G services were not created to work with Huawei’s proprietary operating system, they can cause the phone to perform subpar when installed.

The benefits and drawbacks of using a Huawei phone without Google tools

The advantages of Huawei’s operating system and app store

Users can gain from the advantages of Huawei’s operating system, HarmonyOS, and app store, AppGallery.

The versatility of HarmonyOS is one of its key advantages. The operating system functions on various gadgets, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart home gadgets.

This enables you to utilize the same operating system across your devices, making it simpler to switch between them and access your apps and data.

HarmonyOS’s lightweight and efficient design may enhance the performance of your device. It is also said to be quite secure, with features like separate sandboxes and kernel-level protection to help safeguard your data and device from attackers.

The official Huawei app, AppGallery, offers a huge range of apps created especially for HarmonyOS. These Huawei-curated apps are generally regarded as high caliber and dependable.

In addition to providing a large selection of apps, AppGallery also offers features like a “SafePay” system for safe online payments and a “Quick App” function that enables you to access specific apps without having to install them on your device.

Even though AppGallery may only include some of the apps offered in the Google Play Store, its inventory is constantly growing.

It might have a lot of the apps you are looking for. If the software you desire isn’t accessible on AppGallery, you can still find it in a third-party app store or by downloading the APK file directly.

The potential difficulties of not having access to Google services and apps

Users of Huawei phones may experience certain difficulties if they need access to G tools and apps.

The small number of programs offered on AppGallery, Huawei’s app store, is one of the major issues. Despite having a large selection of apps, AppGallery may only include some programs in the G Play Store.

This implies that you might have to use a third-party app store or directly download the APK file if you can’t find any of the apps you are looking for.

The requirement for integration with additional G services presents another difficulty. You must have access to Google apps and tools to synchronize your data and devices with other G products, such as Google Drive or G Calendar.

Accessing your files and managing your schedule across various devices may become more challenging.

The functionality of some apps may suffer if you cannot access Google services. Some apps may be tailored for usage on Huawei phones or require access to specific G tools to function effectively. A less seamless and satisfying user experience may result from this.

Users using Huawei phones may have certain difficulties due to not having access to Google tools and apps. However, many of the services and apps they require can still be found and used through other channels.

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